Japanese tea Hojicha 

Hojicha tea its unusual flavor takes from the process of roasting in porcelain pots over charcoal.

Hojicha - more information

Below you will find basic information on Hojicha tea.

1. What is Hojicha ?

Hojicha (ほ う じ 茶) is usually made from basic tea ypes such as Bancha tea, Kukicha or Sencha, which are roasted. The process is often done using a porcelain dish and charcoal. This leaves the distinct characteristics in the tea leaves. Tea leaves colour changes to brown-red and the brew itself has a characteristic smoke flavor, sometimes referred to as a lightly caramel. That smoke characteristic is palpable, but the tea is not difficult to drink. On the contrary - it has little theanine and caffeinemaking it every-day and all-around drink. For instance - you can drink it at any time of a day, also just before bedtime. It's also duitable for children. In Japan, it is usually the very first tea drunk by babies. Adults, in turn, appreciate the fact that it greatly facilitates digestion. This will help you to cope even with fatty foods.

2. How to brew Hojicha 

Hojicha is brewed at a high temperature - 95° C. Through the process of roasting the colour of the brew is brownish. Brewing should be quite short - 15-30 seconds is enough.

3. Origin of Hojicha 

As with other tea styles and innovation of the ta world - Hojicha was first prepared and propagated in the area of Japan most associated with tea - that is, in Kyoto. This took place in the vicinity of 1920.

Most Japanese tea is subjected to steaming process, but the production Hojicha roasting is used.

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