Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei + Origami container

A gift set composed of Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei tea and Origami - a unique tea container. 

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Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei + Origami container

89,00 zł tax incl. 94,00 zł tax incl. ( -5,00 zł )
  • Origin: Japan
  • Shipment in : 24h
  • Height: container - 15cm
  • Capacity: container - 150 ml

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Origami is a hand made can made for storing tea or other products. Warm tones, gold, Japanese calligraphy, decorated with a golden twist.

Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei is the best of whet the world of Japanese tea has to offer. Due to half-year maturation process the tea offers a subtle but deep flavor and aroma, freshness and delicate sweetness.

Both products form a wonderfull gift or anyone who loves Japan or tea.