Japanese Tea Matcha - large pack 300g

Matcha is a powdered exclusive green tea with a rich, refreshing taste and dark green color. Large package makes it possible to prepare more than 150 cups of brew.

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Japanese Tea Matcha - large pack 300g

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  • Type: Matcha
  • Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
  • Brewing: 2g for 60-100 ml. of water / 80 ºC / whip the mixture with a bamboo whisk
  • Taste: rich, refreshing, sweet
  • Colour: dark green
  • Shipment in : 24h
  • Weight: 300g

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Matcha is a unique proposition in the world of Japanese teas. Matcha and Gyokuro share the same cultivation process. Tea plants are sheltered from direct sunlight, allowing the leaves to keep lots of theanine and caffeine. The collected leaves are stripped of their veins and stems. Grinding to a powder takes place in a special slow-turning stone mills.

Matcha in the package 300g is the ideal product for catering or people who like to drink this particular type of tea. In addition to the unique taste and flavor, Matcha can be used as an ingredient in ice cream, sweets, desserts and other dishes.

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