Japanese Tea Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei

Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei is the best of whet the world of Japanese tea has to offer. Due to half-year maturation process the tea offers a subtle but deep flavor and aroma, freshness and delicate sweetness.

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Japanese Tea Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei

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  • Origin: Japan
  • Brewing: 3g for 125ml of water / 70 ºC / 1 min
  • Taste: soft, deep, sweet notes
  • Colour: pale amber
  • Shipment in : 24h
  • Weight: 100g

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Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei is collected in the beginning of the tea harvesting season. The first leaves give the most delicate and subtle flavor. They retain a lot of freshness and delicate sweetness. The depth of flavor commes from maturation of tea.

The maturation involves placing the tea for about half a year in the wooden containers, in a suitable microclimate. It was originally a process that was intended to ensure the freshness of the tea. It was noted that only the best types of leaves, often only collected manually, is gaining depth of flavor by this process. Legend attributes development of that method to famous shogun of Edo period - Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Kura-Dashi Cha Jyukusei that we offer comes from Shojuen in Japan.