Hojicha Japanese Tea

Hojicha unusual flavour comes from the roasting process. This process creates a unique tasting profile. It gives it a nutty, toasty flavor, and aroma. Unlike most other Japanese teas, the color of the liquor is brown due to it being toasted. Hojicha contains little teainy and caffeine - it is ideal for people of all ages, even for small children.

Hojicha Japanese Tea

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  • Type: Bancha / Sencha
  • Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
  • Brewing: 7g for 230ml of water / 95°C. / 30 sec
  • Taste: roasted, mild
  • Colour: brown
  • Shipment in : 24h
  • Weight: 60g

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More info

Hojicha - one of the most recognizable of Japanese green teas is made by roasting sencha or bancha over a high flame. It gives it a nutty, toasty flavor, and aroma. The toasty characteristic is perceptible, but the tea itself is rather mild in taste. It also has very little theanine and caffeine making it prefect for kids. In Japan, it is usually the first tea drunk by babies. If it comes to adults, they will appreciate the fact that Hojicha greatly helps with digestion, even of fatty foods.

Hojicha is brewd at a high temperature - 95 °C. The colour of infusion id brown.